Wednesday 2 December 2009

First longies and some baking

I've eventually started knitting my first ever pair of longies.  I'm following Joeli's tutorial on Cloth Nappy Tree.  I have to say, it's great, Joeli's written it out for complete beginners and experienced knitters, it's really easy to follow.  I'm using my lovely hand-dyed wool and I love how the colours are turning out.

(I really must apologise for the terrible quality of my photos, I need to get the hang of this photography (as opposed to snapshots) thing.  You'd never believe that many moons ago I did a photography course, would you?)

I've also discovered the most delicious beer bread.  The recipe is from Recipe Zaar.  The Blokey asked me to try the recipe after seeing it recommended on the Homebrew Talk forum.  It's absolutely scrummy!  I've cut down the sagar by half in my version though and used salted butter rather than unsalted to make it a bit more savoury.  My most recent incarnation of it also included about a cup of grated red cheddar.  Delicious!!
Mmmmmmm, don't you just want some?!